-For job and Internship Applications;

-All positions requiring English only IELTS (5,5+),TOEFL (72+)
-Grade 3 and above is accepted for internship applications. (Minimum average of 3.3/4 at the end of the 3rd Year Term)

Flight Simulator Maintenance Technician Training Program;

Graduates of Aircraft Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Airframe Engine Maintenance, Aircraft Technology are sought.

The program has two stages.
1. General aviation and aviation software training
2. Those who pass the exams will be recommended to companies.

This program has 4 stages.

1. Lessons for promotion in the aviation sector
Entrepreneurship lessons for those who are successful in the exams to be held after the courses
3.Trial period for the subject to be entrepreneurial to be selected by the expert
4. Opportunity to become a Supplier to ATAC Company.

CAT1- Aviation software; aerospace quality software solutions,Aviation blockchain operations,aviation game software

Microsoft C# language,with at least two years of experience .NetCore MVC has developed applications with WebAPI substructures, Bootstrap,React,Angular, Vue.Js etc. used one or more of the infrastructures,used database applications in the project (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSql etc.b.), Have knowledge of JQuery and Javascript, SAP, WINGS

CAT2-Social media marketing expertise in aviation (digital marketing)
developing game programs
Video editor
Graphic designer
Website management
Web content introduction
Web news entry
Monitoring of social media accounts
Sales of e-commerce specialist aviation accessories (coat,model plane, key, etc ...)
CAT3- Business jet charter and Air Ambulance Service, Business Jet trading
CAT4- LOAN a technician
CAT5- Engineering service ; UG/Catia CAD-CAM,Hypermesh, ANSYS;CFD
Strong theoretical background in Finite Element Analysis and life calculations,
Experienced in at least one of the solid modeling and finite element analysis programs; experienced in structural and lifetime analysis,
CAT6- Aircraft Maintenance Engineering; aircraft trading, aircraft documentation management
Aircraft parts trading, aircraft engine trading, aircraft engine leasing, aircraft engine part trading
CAT7- Aircraft maintenance Quality Engineering; AD and SB tracking,
CAT8- Aircraft Maintenance Planning;periodic maintenance material and Labor planning
CAT9- Part 147 and Part 145 consultancy to universities related to aviation
CAT10-Lecturer in engineering subjects at ATAC Academy
CAT11- Aircraft simulator sales and maintenance services
CAT12- Sales marketing of composite materials repair and production
CAT13- R & D Engineer; Bio sensor,Supersonic aircraft,fuel cells(aerospace and automotive sector),spacecraft, Ion Engine.
CAT14- Unmanned aerial vehicles marketing and certification processes;
Instructor, Licensed UAV Pilot 0,1,2,3
CAT15- ULTRALIGHT Aircraft marketing and maintenance services
CAT16- Aircraft part design, production, certification, preparation of specifications (Part21)